We founded Daqatra in 2016 with the mission to overcome language barriers in health care and offer high-quality health care for all.


Daqatra is one of Europe’s first digital health care provider with a focus on eliminating language barriers. We envision a world where you easily get access and communicate with a doctor directly. For us, equal treatment regardless of language barriers is an obvious right.


By offering the opportunity to meet talented doctors in the entire EU area via video, text or voice calls when the patient prefers it – we shorten the process of finding the right treatment for your symptoms.



The Daqatra team consists of experienced doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. All with a common desire to eliminate communication problems in health care with digital solutions. The company started in 2016 and aims to be active in the entire EU area shortly.



All patient information and traffic are subject to strict confidentiality, in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the Patient Data Act.The service is built on a CE marked platform and all data is protected by encryption. Daqatra is available throughout Europe and is a fully licensed and regulated Swedish medical service provider.


Work with us

Doctors! Be a part of our medical expert networks in Europe and develop the future of health care. Contact: lakare@daqatra.com


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